CodeCharge Studio 5.1 Released!

CodeCharge Studio was updated to version 5.1 with the following changes and fixes:


  • Supports web standards including HTML5, CSS3
  • Enhanced performance on large projects
  • Enhanced Unicode support in Code Editor
  • Ability to apply Designs to projects, folders and pages.
  • Resolved number of problems related to IE compatibility mode (fixed Preview option and JavaScript errors in Builders)
  • Updated number of Builders and Dialogs (Application Builder, Service, Autocomplete, Autofill, DependentListboxes, NumericUpDown, Slider, DialogPanel, Captcha, MasterDetails, Grid&Record, etc.)
  • New Server Settings database connection dialog for Java patterns
  • Ability to use Translations as text for Link control
  • Resolved bug with components IDs in Panels
  • Resolved absolute paths bug in Image Links
  • Resolved insert control into Forms bug
  • Resolved simultaneous editing of multiple translation
  • Resolved duplication of tag attributes in HTML mode

Data Dictionary:

  • Improved database structure cashing
  • Sharing Data Dictionary settings between projects which are using the same database
  • Improved databases objects support (DB2, Oracle, Sybase, mSQL, R:Base, PosgreSQL) and connection types (OLE DB, ODBC)
  • Added 'utf8mb4' charset support (for MySQL)
  • Fixed schemes filtering (for Oracle and SQL Server)
  • Increased performance while opening projects with broken database support
  • Resolved wrong column size value for Memo type fields (for MySQL)
  • Fixed list of fields in queries which utilize the SQL Expressions
  • Fixed problems related to special characters use in database connection settings (for MySQL)
  • Fixed bug related to Review Data option for queries which include SQL parameters
  • Fixed SQL query for Record forms (for DB2)


  • Enhanced Unicode support in code generating patterns
  • Compatibility with PHP 5.4 (for PHP)
  • Added support for SQLSRV library (for PHP)
  • Fixed redirect from restricted pages to Login page (for .NET InMotion)
  • Fixed generation of .aspx file after modifications made in HTML mode (for .NET InMotion)
  • Added support for latest versions of ColdFusion
  • Fixed generations on includable pages (for ColdFusion)
  • Resolved bug related to national characters in file names in File Upload (for ASP)
  • Fixed problems related to Update and Dialog Panel controls (for Java/JSP)
  • Multiple minor changes and improvements in different code generating patterns (for .NET InMotion, ASP, Java/JSP, ColdFusion)

Ajax Features are migrated to jQuery:

  • All Ajax features (including Menu, Update Panel, Client side validation, etc.) are implemented as plugins
  • Number of improvements in different Ajax Features:
    • Added different layouts for Autocomplete list (text, text with images, text with descriptions, etc.)
    • Inline datepicker may be used as timepicker, date plus time picker depending on format of corresponding input field
    • Slider works with Hidden controls, outputs values in separate Labels, etc.
  • Increased performance and compatibility

Designs, Styles:

  • Designs could be applied to entire project, separate folders and pages
  • Added Responsive Design support in Artisteer Designs
  • Ability to generate themes for jQuery

The CodeCharge Studio 5.1 can be obtained from the main product download page.
The installation program will take you through the necessary upgrade steps, including uninstalling a previous version of CodeCharge Studio 5.x.
NOTE: You may need to re-enter your product serial number after installing CodeCharge Studio 5.1.