CodeCharge Studio 5.1 Update Available!

CodeCharge Studio was updated to version with the following changes and fixes:


  • added MyODBC version 5.2 support.
  • fixed problem related to converting old projects to jQuery.
  • fixed Hidden controls visibility in Design mode.
  • fixed few generation issues related to non-existing third party components.
  • fixed block templates edit in built-in Designs.
  • fixed master page placeholders location.
  • updated styles for PopUp DatePicker.
  • updated weekends highlight in InLine and PopUp DatePickers.
  • fixed JS errors for includable pages and dialog panels.
  • fixed CCS crash when using 'Edit with builder...' option.
  • fixed page convert issue for pages with flash objects.
  • fixed problem with components location after 'Edit with builder...' operation.
  • fixed minor issues with CCS translation keys.

AJAX features:

  • added 'onSelect' event for TabbedTab.
  • fixed issue related to anchors use on Update panel.
  • fixed JS error in PopUp DatePicker, related to national symbols.


  • PHP: fixed date format for SQLSERV Driver.
  • PHP: fixed General Date format use in InLine DatePicker.
  • InMotion: fixed problem with 'Remember Me' feature.
  • InMotion: fixed minor issue with UpdatePanel control identifier.
  • InMotion: fixed {CCS_PathToMasterPage} placeholder generation.
  • InMotion: Fixed multiple scripts include error.
  • ASP: fixed issue related to update panel located inside includable page.
  • JSP: fixed problem with RootId identifier in Menu builder.
  • JSP: fixed bug on includable page with Master template use.
  • Servlets: fixed saving Captcha value.

The CodeCharge Studio 5.1 can be obtained from the main product download page.
The installation program will take you through the necessary upgrade steps, including uninstalling a previous version of CodeCharge Studio 5.x.
NOTE: You may need to re-enter your product serial number after installing CodeCharge Studio 5.1.